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How much does a tattoo cost?

The first thing that comes to mind after you've picked out your tattoo design is of course the cost. Although we have listed our estimated minimum rate and hourly rate, every tattoo design is different. Many things will have to be factored in such as size and placement, color and shades desired, and also the client's tolerance. A tattoo could take about 4 hours until completion but keep in mind... is the client willing to sit for 4 hours? This can affect pricing and so the total would be adjusted accordingly.

Also, the single best answer to the inkfamous question... Does a tattoo hurt? The answer will always be YES !!

Minimum Cost                    $60

(A small Chinese character as pictured or similar size)

At Inkfamous Tattoo & Piercing Studios, we offer all kinds of Body Piercing services. Please be aware that we have 3 different locations and Piercing prices differ at each location. Please check back for our updated Piercing prices.

... add a little bling to your teeth!

What are Tooth Gems?                                                                                                    

Tooth gems come in a variety of styles. It can be a rhinestone in an assortment of different colors or a thin metal cut out design. They are attached to the surface of your tooth using high-grade Dentistry glue and cured with a light. With proper care, they can last up to 1 year. Tooth gems are not permanent and can be easily removed without any damage to your teeth.

Pricing starts at $30 (depending on size, quantity and design)

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